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Top Agricultural Seeds Exporters in India | 2023

Top Agricultural Seeds Exporters in India | 2023

The lifeline of any nation is defined to be the agricultural system it beholds. Agriculture is the sole life provider as it encompasses the broad domains of food and industrial raw materials production. Coming to Agricultural Seeds exporters in india, if we micro-analyze this field, it is found that seeds are the basic unit of any yield. India has established itself in the world as a highly developed seed industry. The global seed industry has estimated at an amount of USD 45 billion, out of which the Indian seed industry is found to rank at 5th position in the world, estimating to USD 2.2 billion (5%) with particular emphasis on the growth of crops such as cotton, vegetable seeds, and rice. Concentrated forms of more policies will aid in capturing a significantly significant slice of the globally set market.

The considerably high expertise in seed production of the country has led to a total profit summing up to 18,000 crore rupees and is continuing to grow further.

Various seed production villages have been inaugurated as a result of decades of providing training and capacity building amongst the seed-growing farmers in the villages. A majority of the seed production villages are located in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and Gujarat.

Seed production has been proven to incur more profit for the farmers when compared with regular commercial crop production. Established seed companies supply parent seed as well as technical advice to farmers and further buy the produced seeds in a highly enclosed system which is backed by various contracts. Moreover, banks securely extend loans to seed growers due to the buyback arrangements. Therefore, the maximum amount of seeds utilized by the farmers in India is produced in the country itself and stands out as an excellent example for the world.

Let’s Talk about Agricultural Seeds exporters in India

Such robust production of seeds has also enabled the opportunity to earn further by exporting a significant amount of seeds. There is a plethora of agricultural seeds exporters in India who have significantly spread their roots and networked efficiently in different corners of the world.

In order to enhance the possibilities of export of seeds, the entire procedure of exporting seeds has been simplified significantly by the government. According to the EXIM Policy of the years 2009 to 2014, the export of all types of seeds is free except the seeds of a few crops like onion, berseem, rubber, sandalwood, saffron, neem, and red sanders.

Therefore, the agricultural seed exporters in India are provided with various facilities and policies, which aid in amplifying the export flow significantly. According to the data from the term 2020 to 2021 presented by APEDA, the top ten countries where horticultural seeds are exported from India are the United States, Netherland, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Korea, and Thailand, Kenya, France, and Vietnam. This shows the current demand for agricultural seed exporters from India. In a country with such an overwhelming population and rising competition in the market, it is cumbersome to find the premium producers associated with every sector. But, we have made this task a piece of cake for you! By the end of this blog, you will be able to distinguish between India’s top agricultural seed exporters.

But first, let us take a quick look at the top seed production establishments in India-

Top Seed Production Companies in India

1.  Andhra Pradesh State Seed Development Corporation Limited

Andhra Pradesh is known to be one of the highest seed-producing states in the country. The state has successfully been able to enhance crop production at a relatively lower cost as per the yield per unit area. This has been possible only due to the incorporation of traditional seed production methods along with variety improvement. The Andhra Pradesh State Seed Development Corporation Limited was inaugurated on the 26th of March, 1976. The main objective behind this venture was to provide consolidation and improvement in the quality of seed production in the state and further implement the National Seed project in the state. 

2. JK Agri Genetics Limited (JK Seeds)

The foundation was established in the year 1989, and its headquarter is situated in Hyderabad. It is regarded to be one of the top seed production companies belonging to India. The areas of focus for the company are

  • plant breeding
  • biotechnology research
  • seed production and processing
  • hybrid seeds marketing of a wide variety of vegetables and cereals

Furthermore, the company is engaged in large-scale production of seeds, research and development, and marketing crops like cardamom, pepper, pearl millet, cotton, rice, and tomato, to name a few.

3. National Seeds Association of India (NSAI)

This foundation is known to be one of the premium companies that use advanced research and development methodologies to develop seeds. Their objective is to assist the farmers as well as introduce sustainable development in the domain of agriculture. The distinctly innovative and biotechnology niche-based company aims to enhance the daily livelihood of farmers in order to modernize the Indian industrial sector of agriculture.

4. PAN Seeds

The company was founded in the year 1975, specializing in the production as well as the marketing of jute seeds. It stood out as the first company to specialize in such a field. Later, it expanded its area of work by commencing the production of rice seeds. Currently, the company is proficiently producing wheat, vegetables, potato, and oilseeds. The recent introduction of hybrid rice technology has led to reducing the seed shortage and imports and further making the country self-sufficient in terms of the production of food.

5. Kaveri Seed Company

The company was established in the year 1986 with the motive of seed production of crops such as maize, sunflower, and millets. The Andhra Pradesh-based company has made its name on the list of top high-quality seed providers in the industry for decades. It is also known to be one of the major stakeholders in the green revolution by specializing in the domain of seed production. The seed company has been explicitly focusing on the utilization of traditional forms of breeding as well as for biotechnology in order to improve seed quality.

 6. Export of Agricultural Seeds in India

According to the data presented by APEDA 2013, India globally ranks at 26th position for its annual seed export summing up to USD 138 million in field crops, estimating a whopping amount of USD 71 million and vegetable crops to USD 68 million. The vegetable seeds are exported mainly to the Pacific, Europe, and North America. Approximately 8 percent of the total vegetable seed export is contributed to Africa. One can export seeds only when their petition is approved by the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA). The nodal agency has expertise in guiding the exports with regard to the procedure and further provides information regarding the potential markets where the products can be exported effectively. This makes the job seamlessly convenient for the agricultural seeds exporters in India.

Now, it is finally the time to take a glance at the top exporters of agricultural seed exporters in India.

List of Top Agricultural Seeds Exporters in India

1. Kunal International India

This company has significantly made its name in the market by exporting supreme quality products in bulk quantities to customers belonging to various corners of the world. The foundation is highly driven by the passion for providing high quality and is further backed by a team of professionals. They deal with the export of a wide range of products, including a large variety of crops. The team is approved by the higher authoritative boards such as FIEO, Tobacco Board, and APEDA. The company aims to provide a one-stop solution to its clients. The quality experts are constantly seeking for latest and innovative methods for improving the quality of products and undergo the rigorous process of quality testing in order to assure the longevity of the products.

2.    Kesco Organics Export

The company is renowned for exporting and supplying a vast range of providing an extensive range of seeds. It was established in the year 2007 at Coimbatore, which is heavily engaged in the export and supply of agro products of high quality. The products revolve around crops such as moringa, oilseeds, black pepper, tamarind, and virgin coconut oil, to name a few. The products are produced by various certified and trustworthy vendors. The vendors process the products by applying the finest quality of raw elements and completely with international standards. The seeds offered are specifically tailored according to the specific requirements of the customers. The company specializes in the convenient provision of products in bulk quantities.

3. Sakura Seed Corporation

The firm was established in the year 2009 and is located in Bengaluru, Karnataka. They offer a wide variety of vegetable seeds which are accepted all over the domestic and overseas markets due to their superior quality. The main goal of the firm is to emphasize more the supply and export of the hybrid and vigor varieties of vegetable seeds. Currently, seeds are being exported to various countries such as Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bangladesh, Russia, Mauritius, Czech Republic, and Italy, to list a few. Quality check is conducted very specifically for the products by employing advanced forms of techniques and technology.

4. Omkar Logistics and Export

The company was established in the year 2017 with the aim of showing involvement in the export of a broad spectrum of Indian species, organic garlic, onions, and organic beans, to name a few. The company offers high-quality materials, which are utilized by the vendors along with the application of modernized types of machinery. Furthermore, a ground check is performed carefully before shipping the products to the destination of the customers. This is committed to providing superior quality products to the customers.

5. Sumukha Farm Products Private Limited

The company was established in 2012 with the objective of becoming a single solution for various agricultural requirements. They specialize in providing a vast range of seeds, agrochemicals, fertilizers, organic fertilizers, and seeds, to list a few. The company is renowned for extensively engaging in various activities such as trading, supplying, retailing, wholesaling, and exporting. One of the striking factors of the enterprise is that it offers products at cost-effective rates.

specific requirements of the customers. The company specializes in the convenient provision of products in bulk quantities.


The Indian seed market is famous all around the globe for producing quality seeds and other related products. The market has recorded a 6.8% increase from 2022 to 2027. The recent Covid pandemic affected the market, but with consistency in growth, the industry is gaining its stability back.

During the lockdown and restriction periods of the pandemic

There was a massive loss to the seed industry resulting in bad quality and delayed production. In addition, the international trade of seeds was also affected, which had a destructive impact on the farmers. But even after the restrictions and pandemic-related consequences, the industry managed to contribute 30% of its share of the GDP. Cotton, maize, and paddy are the most profitable for the Indian Agricultural industry.

The recent trends also show that there is an increased demand for hybrid seeds all over the world. The hybrid seeds can fulfill the gaps in the demand-supply of the world. With the constant growth in the population, there is a huge demand and less supply. The presence of hybrid crops is a ray of hope for farmers and professionals working in the industry.

In India, most of the hybrid seeds penetration is seen in cotton, accounting for 90%, followed by corn and cereals. coming years, we can expect that the demand for hybrid seeds will increase, which can generate valuable profits for the industry all over the globe.

In addition to the points mentioned above, India’s agricultural and seed industry should have more investments and partners for growth. recent times the seed industry has been showing stagnancy and saturation. So better idea required that can fulfill the overall requirement of the population and contribute to the development of the sector as well.

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