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Kunal International India, founded in 1986 by Late Shri Chander Mohan, is a renowned Indian merchant exporter. We ship high-quality products in huge quantities to customers all around the world. We have the ability to supply significant volumes within specified time frames and know how to transmit goods without any trouble, as we have proper planning for collecting the items, packing them for shipment and dispatching it. You can trust us for any item. . Our continuous growth and long-lasting association with our existing customers speak about us, which is what we prefer, our work to speak for us.

  • Professional Manpower: We have a pool of professional man powers who work dedicatedly to continuously improve our services.
  • Affordable Pricing: Honest and affordable pricing makes Kunal International India the first priority of everyone.
  • Timely Delivery: We have the ability to provide significant volumes within agreed-upon deadlines to our customers.
  • Well-Trained Staff: Our success is the result of our employees’ hard work and dedication taking our business to next level./li>
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We provide end to end solution


Kunal International India offers customers an exceptional variety of the finest tobacco products with authentic flavour and taste which are grown naturally and are available at competitive prices

Agriculture Seeds

As one of the top exporters of agricultural seeds, we constantly prioritise offering seeds that guarantee long-term high production.

Health and Beauty

Kunal International offers products which are 100% natural and devoid of toxins because we are attentive to our customer’s concerns about their skin.

Plastic Comb

OUR preaches creativity, and has created a wonderful assortment of a variety of combs and other household goods with advanced techniques


Being a reputable exporter of genuine leather goods in India, we provide our valued customers with the greatest leather goods, including a wide selection of wallets at reasonable prices

Incense Sticks

Our mission is to deliver authentic, hand-crafted incense sticks to customers throughout the globe in a wide selection of aromas. Our goal is to create a meditative and aromatic environment that will energise and renew the mind

Kunal International India

Kunal International india is the leading Exporter


Unhappy customers are the result of late delivery of products as significant delivery delays can draw sharp criticism keeping that in mind, we have a proper planning with regard to timely delivery of products. With better supply chain management and more cost-effective methods, Kunal International India ensures the timely and safe delivery of your products.


Kunal International India assures the safety of the products throughout transportation and delivery, we use high-quality packing materials and equipment with which products reach in proper condition to our customers. We have the ability to provide significant volumes within agreed-upon deadlines by providing Proper tracking Ids to the customers.

The Global Distributor

Our high-quality products and services have made Kunal International India’s niche in the Indian as well as global market. We have a large client base all over the world thanks to the efforts of our team and a well-established infrastructure. Our global distribution power is consistently leading us to touch the sky day by day.


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